Your Memory

by Jerry Headd

Released 2019
Released 2019
Country Music that connects you to every day life.
This new music is an express of hopes, and dreams that long for country music from years ago.
"Your Memory" is about a lost love, and a hopeless attempt to move on too soon. However in time the pain eases, and the scars heal...and the wrongs admitted.
The song "Daddy Joe" was written for the death a close friends Father. His nickname was "Daddy Joe".....he was that "Man" that everyone could talk to about anything.
"Jesus Is Coming" is based the remembrance that this life is short, and often time painful. But that is something better waiting after we pass from this life to the next. Perhaps a little of "Daddy Joe" nostalgic memory of his life bleed into "Jesus Is Coming"
"Christmas Time is Coming" was written three (3) years ago, after moving into a new home....that first winter. As I sat looking out of the breakfast nook at the first snow flakes of an early winter in October.
"Farmer's Life (Part of this Land)" was co-written with my friend Tyler Robling. The bulk of the song was written, but something was still missing. As I sang the song (as it existed) one night at Tyler's Open Mic, and talked to him about the song. He was working on a farm during the Fall, and he started telling me about his days....with that Fall's harvest. The he sent me a video of him ride on a tractor...rolling down Route 37 in Central Indiana. That how I wrote the second (2) verse of the song, and decided to give him song writing credit. Thank you, Tyler!
"In Our Room"; recording this song (as well as the other five) in Nashville with the Great Joe Spivey (Time Jumpers), Joe pointed out a few imperfections with the lyrics. I have to admit the the tag of the chorus was a bit challenging with the existing lyrics "howling at the Georgia Moon, It's always a good time in our room". It just didn't work. After a few rewrites, the new tag for the chorus was written, and "time will slip away to soon, we'll sail away to Paradise in our room".

My hope is that everyone who listens to the songs finds some small piece of themselves in them, or at least can think of people, places or things that remind them of something special or not so special that once was in their lives (or maybe still are).