Old Country Road

by Jerry Headd

Released 05/01/2017
Released 05/01/2017
A feeling of traditional country music to get you through the week, and relaxing on the weekend to the things that truly matter most in life.
I hope this CD bring to mind a simpler time when country music help get you through the week. Traditional country music is in short supply in main stream country radio. The CD presents the sounds of traditional country music with the fiddle playing of one of Nashville's finest musician's Joe Spivey. The depth of musical arrangement that Joe brought to the songs (all written by Jerry Headd) provides a great balance of relevant ideas, and traditional country sounds. .

The CD is available on all major download websites from iTunes to Amazon.com, and streaming audio site: Spotify, Deezer...etc. I hope you enjoy traditional country, as I enjoy writing & recording it. Thank you for taking time to listen. I truly appreciate it. Jerry Headd

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