Atmosphere in Here

by Jerry Headd

Released 2016
Released 2016
A lonesome cowboy who makes mistakes despite his best intentions, and ends up sitting all alone at some smokey old country bar. This music is the takes a journey of helpless to redemption road, and back again.
This music is create for the purpose of keeping traditional country music alive. It has that honky tonk feeling that goes to a place where everyone can be comfortable....but don't stay to long. You'll run the risk of experiencing the atmosphere in that smokey old bar room. And why are you there....? You did someone wrong or someone did you wrong. You're looking for the best in your fellow man or woman, looking for that redemption. Then one day you find it. You realize you know what life is about, and it ain't about you, but it is about you. It's that feeling that you've tried to do your best, and you just have to leave it up to the Good Lord has to walk you through the rest of this life.